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Jewish Child and Family Service is fully mandated under the Manitoba Child and Family Services Act to provide child welfare and protection for Jewish children and families in the province of Manitoba.

Services offered under this mandate include:

Voluntary Family Service and Supports - Families may come forward to receive counselling, guidance, education resources, and/or other supports to assist in strengthening the family unit in which children reside.

Protection Services – JCFS staff work diligently to supervise, monitor, provide resources, parenting education and emotional supports to families in situations where children may be at risk of being harmed or in need of protection. Intervention and involvement assists those families in remaining together and prevents children from being brought into foster care. Some of these scenarios involve active investigations of abuse allegations. JCFS child welfare staff are capable of investigating all complaints of child abuse including: physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and neglect.

Children in Foster Care – Sadly, there are times when the resources and supports provided to a family are not enough to preserve the family unit. At times, children are placed both voluntarily and involuntarily in foster care. JCFS staff work intensively to insure that the physical, emotional, cultural and safety needs of JCFS wards are met.

Foster Home Licensing – Jewish Child and Family Service is always in need of nurturing Jewish foster homes that can embody and impart safe, caring and Jewish family values to those Jewish children who must, as a last resort, enter foster care. JCFS provides a full service of licensing and supervision of foster homes to help meet the needs of Jewish children in foster care. Homes are recruited, assessed and trained by the agency’s skilled staff. For information about becoming a foster parent, contact JCFS at 477-7430.

Jewish Foster Care :Chesed in the Home

an article by Randee Pollock, JCFS Foter Care Coordinator Reprinted from the Winnipeg Jewish Review

To listen to Shimon Segal's story as a child in foster care, please click play below.

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Adoption and Post Adoption Supports - JCFS offers a full range of mandated adoption services including infertility counselling, Home Studies, placement of children, Post-Adoption services including birth family histories and counselling, networking with other adoption resources, groups and continuing education. For more information about Adoption services, click here.

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