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Confinement in a hospital or institution is difficult, particularly if the need for care is extended or the patient is going through a physical or emotional crisis. At such times both the patient and his or her family can benefit from the support and spiritual peace of mind that a visit from the Jewish Community Chaplain can help establish.

Medical science agrees that the institutionalized person carries with him or her certain emotional and spiritual needs that must be recognized and attended to by persons with religious training.

Jewish Community Chaplain is an ordained Rabbi, experienced in counselling as well as attending to religious needs. The Chaplain keeps a vital link between a patient and the Winnipeg Jewish Community. The Chaplain can help connect a patient with community resources and, at the request of the patient, can ensure that the patient's own congregation is notified of his or her hospitalization.

The Chaplain also serves to keep the hospital or institutions' staff informed about the needs of Jewish patients. The Chaplain can provide information to staff about Jewish dietary needs, about religious needs and about Jewish Holidays.

The Chaplain can arrange to provide for Jewish religious services on-site at the hospital or institutions. There are certain Jewish Holidays which particularly touch the heart of Jewish patients who, because of their confinement, cannot attend these holidays at home or synagogue. The Jewish Chaplaincy service brings the "Yiddishkeit", the Jewish heart of these holidays, right into the hospital setting.

A consultation with the Jewish Chaplain is entirely voluntary and at the request and consent of the patient. The Chaplaincy service exists to serve the spiritual needs of all Jewish persons regardless of the extent of their personal religious observance, from the most orthodox to the reform. The Chaplain is sensitive to the needs of all Jews, and respects the patient's right to his or her own beliefs.

The Chaplaincy service exists to serve the spiritual needs of all Jewish persons.

The Jewish Chaplaincy Service serves acute care hospitals and institutions throughout Manitoba, wherever Jewish patients are confined.

Privacy legislation now prohibits institutions from releasing the names
and religious affiliations of patients.

Should you or a loved one desire a visit from the Community Chaplain,
please notify JCFS immediately.

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